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Mobi1 Avatar Pals Spokesperson

mobi1 Avatar Pals

Mobi1 Avatar Pals are available with different Male and Female characters. They are lip-synced speaking Avatars placed in PNG format as overlay on any website. 

They capture immediate the attention of website visitors and keeping visitors longer on the site. With a custom speech they are able to present a product or service direct to the visiting person.

A super effective and economical selling tool for any website owner. Rates are HERE

Mobi1 Avatar & Custom Videos

Choose from our professionally designed Templates, and NO problem, if your business category is not shown. We will create an Avatar video for your business category.
Mind Blowing Live Action Videos, as well as Intros and Outros will be added.

With our advanced tools, we are able to create Avatar Motion videos by changing text, colors, background image or video background, selecting the Male – Female layout, we will customize everything to elevate your videos and you will crush your competition! 

We have over 100 Business Categories with ready made custom videos with real Actors as Spokesperson. Details HERE

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