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How Clicks works & Get Your 1Click APP

How Clicks works & Get Your 1Click APP

Enter a keyword for a business category (ex: dentist, spa, plumber, gardening, hair salon, etc.) in the search form below. The 1Click GPS - GeoIP enabled system will locate and show results in order of distance to your location.. 

Save this to your Smartphone, using the "Add this App" link at the bottom of the page. Nothing to download from third parties.

Get your own Mobile APP for your business. A Mobile APP is not a luxury anymore, it is a Necessity. Get your App with the ONE-Time payment offer, NEVER pay again.

Detailed list and service description at Mobi1 Group and App designs.

GPS is not enabled or not allowed on your phone. Since we cannot detect your exact location, please enter your zip code.
Why is "Mobile First" Essential?

Why is "Mobile First" Essential?

Internet has changed
Gone were the days when having a website was enough for online presence. In this era of Internet where 3.5 billion people use smartphones and 2/3rd of searches are done using mobile phones, having a mobile optimized site is not enough.

According to the 2017 US Mobile APP Report, Users spend 87 percent of their time on mobile apps compared to mobile web use, that is just 13 percent. On top of that, half of digital media usage time is spent using smartphone apps.

Everything changed when Search Engines announced, that a "Mobile-First" sites would show first in searches. A Mobile APP is NOT more a luxury, it is a necessity for every business owner to stay competitive and give consumers easy access.

Fast Speed
Mobile APPs are supremely fast and 3X more faster loading than regular websites. I don’t need to explain how important it is for your business.

Ask Yourself!
Wasn’t it 5 minutes back when you checked your phone for the email you received, or searched for "something"?

Once an APP is saved with our 1-click function (nothing to download, eliminating the risk for malware and virus downloads), it’s here to stay and most likely to be visited again and again. 
Unlike old school SMS or Emails with only text or emojis stacking over and creating a junk in inbox, Mobile APPs are the future.

LocalWebProfits (Mobi1 Group) provides 1Click Mobile Apps and the Click Mobile Directory, designed with the most advanced Mobile technology, (GeoIP and GPS targeted search function).

1. List your business
2. Get a Mobile App
3. Get an Avatar Pal Presenter
4. All inclusive for one affordable rate. We dare to compare!

Get your Business on a Mobile APP today.

Services We Offer

Services We Offer

The Mobi1 Group's services include:

Mobile APPs (1-click install Android & iPhones, NO download necessary)
Mobile Clicks Niche Directory Network
Mobi1 Avatar Pals Presenter (male/female, custom text as you want it)
Mobi1 Custom Business Videos (Human Presenter, preset text)
Mobi1 Avatar & Doodle styled Videos (engaging, entertaining, custom design,different)
Premium products, like Personalized Watches in our Watch Store

Detailed list and service description at Mobi1 Group 

Any Question? Send US a message

Any Question? Send US a message

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Save this App