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Mobi1 Group Team

Holger Speth, Mobi1 - Clicks Adminstrator

Internet active since 1998. Created a Real Estate based Directory in Costa Rica in 2008. In 2012 opened a niche business directory covering clients in 8 States. During later years expanded my knowledge into video creation, fell in love with Avatar styled videos and Avatar Spokesperson Pals.
In 2019 with 2 partner, we layed the groundwork for "Mobile First" Apps, building a Network of localized Mobile !Click Apps with GeoIP and GPS targeted for Mobile devices. Assembling a rich inventory of business category promo videos and selecting several premium video creation program, specialized to create Avatar styled videos. Then Covid slowed the opening till year end 2021.
All services are offered to local businesses at most economical rates. 
During our expansion phase in added cities, and to deliver great benefits to our clients, only up to 10 businesses per business category in any given city will be able to order the Mobile 1Click APP.  

Our Partner Team includes several members with many years of experience in marketing and sales, as well as IT knowledge. There are new products and technolgies coming on the market, which we research if there is a fit and need to improve on our services.

To be most effective with support, we use email communication to keep track of requested editing and business details..

A digital agency, started in 2011 - Unique and Different.

Advanced, Enhanced, Engaged, Accessible 

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