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Get Your 1 Click App  "All-in-One" Services include:

1 Click Mobile APP site and Listing in the Mobile CLICKS.Directory
Save Big! 1-time payment - $195 or $95 and never pay again!

"CLICKS" - the NEXT generation of a Premium 1Click Mobile Directory
with the 1Click Mobile Apps, provided by the Mobi1 Group.

1Click Apps

1Click Apps

Your business demands to get more efficient exposure for consumers.
Smartphones changed our lives, and the habits of consumers, which have an impact on your business too.
Ever advancing technologies are changing and influencing our lives every day.
Technologies to improve efficiency, like Internet, Smartphones, AI created an "Instant" information base.

You hear and read it every day, "Download this App".
Your website serves as a detailed business presentation. 1Click Mobile App serves as your "Billboard", your "Banner" or "Shout-out" to the consumers, like "We are Here" - "Call US" - "Contact US" and a 1 Click link to your main website. "CLICKS" Directory and Apps are GPS and GeoIP enabled, faster and more efficient in EVERY device consumers are using today.
Affordable, reliable and secure Cloud based, activate your 1Click Mobile App today

Our Goal: 50 Cities in 2022-23 - it's ALL ABOUT MOBILE

When searching for your kind of service category.
People want to get it quick and in a compact view.:
1. a Phone number to call (with 1-click)
2. a Name and description of the Business
3. an Address and a map with direction,
4. a link to your Website
5. a Contact form
all with 1Click and no-scrolling view

Why we limit our own sales: Benefits for You to get the 1Click Mobile App, since we will only create up to TEN 1Click Apps in a city in your Business category. This will give your business with your 1Click App a competitive advantage.

Included = Mobile APP C.N.A.P.

Included = Mobile APP C.N.A.P.

Mobile App site with Custom Domain and SSL certificate

C.N.A.P. are the key words for Search Engines evaluation = Category, Name, Address, Phone.

People searching for your kind of services category want to know:
1. a Phone number to call (with 1-click),
2. an Address and a map with direction,
3. Name of Business

1Click APPs are Cloud based and deliver Your Business details on ALL devices, using GPS enabled Smartphone and GeoIP targeted technology.

1Click APPs are single created on a Mobile build platform, hosted in the Amazon Cloud service, NOT coded into other webdesign programs, NO countless plugins and 3rd party programs installed to slow the servers. Visitors  to your Mobile APP can instantly mark your APP on their Android / IOS Smartphone without the need to download any program, eliminating the risk to download hidden malware or damaging coded software.

It is 2021-22 and not more 2010, when having a website was sufficient for businesses. Today, Every Business must have a Mobile APP site.

Your APP will include added benefits in addition to best positioning of C.N.A.P. with a 1-click phone tab, a Map with directional guide, a Direct Contact form for lead generation, image slideshow (video), link to your own website (beneficial for SEO and Citation), your APP listed in Mobile GPS/GeoIP specific Directory Platforms, a 1-click "Save the APP" on visitors Smartphones. All features and hosting are included with a targeted Custom Domain and SSL certificate.

Included = GPS & GeoIP Directory

Included = GPS & GeoIP Directory

Your 1Click APP Site will be placed in the Mobile 1Click Directory, a pure Mobile Platform using GPS enabled Smartphone and GeoIP targeted technology.

See Detail Benefits at our APP Listing Form

To have a slick and beautiful website that represents your business and service is great, but does not suffice anymore. Consumers (78%) using Smartphones, and having an APP site with the key components C.N.A.P. has become a must-have. Mobile APP sites are shown first when searching.
Search Engines giving preferences to Mobile APPs and Mobile Directory listings, specifically designed for Mobile devices, showing results closest to the Searchers location.

The main factors in searches are the C.N.A.P. and a key targeted Domain name, which we obtain and include with your 1Click APP subscription. Combining all these main factors with GPS / GeoIP technologies, increases the search visibility of your business exponentially.

IMPORTANT: Be aware - Internet Marketers selling "Mobile Apps" for thousands of $$, which are NOT Mobile Apps, rather constructed on a program code, which has to be installed on your WordPress or html based website, to convert specifics of your website into a mobile style presentation, which then also require installation to IOS/Android platforms.  Those are not Mobile App sites, rather a hybrid, same like coded WordPress site using the AMP concept (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which was create to optimize for mobile web browsing and intended to help webpages load faster. 

About US

About US

We are a cool Digital Agency, assisting businesses to adopt and thrive in the Digital Economy, providing service and value at very economical rates. Mobi1 Group provides SaaS (Software as a Service) with Premium Mobile Apps, Mobile Business Directories, as well as diverse Video products, like Mobi1 Avatar Pals,  Doodle & Avatar Videos (see our Avatar Team on the right images), Live Spokesperson videos. 

Mobi1 delivers Mobile App sites at most economical rates. We are Different!

We Believe in "Quality Work" And "Best results"


We used different Color schemes on our pages, to present samples what can be done.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Mobi1 provides mobile services with our branded name "CLICKS".  Our websites include:,,, Mobi1 Avatars & Videos.

1.All Mobi1 - Clicks APPs, video and Clicks directory services are provided as SaaS (Software as a Service) in subscription format at affordable rates.
2. All hosting, maintenance and updates are included on secure cloud servers. All services are included with NO hidden charges.
3. We control all our websites and servers. Guaranteed Privacy for your data. We do NOT sell any of your data, NO ads on any directories or Apps.

A digital agency, started in 2011 - Unique and Different.

Advanced, Enhanced, Engaged, Accessible 

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